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Nature at its best

Masseria Fontanelle is located within the Litorale di Ugento Regional Natural Park, a vast protected area where you can admire nature in its wildest and most varied expressions: the immense pinewood with its cool breeze, soft dunes descending gently towards the sea, jagged rocks to admire the surf of the waves and enchanted swamps hosting colonies of birds.

Walking or cycling in this unique place, you can admire many flowers and animals that in cities can only be seen on screen: the protected white lilies of the dunes, juniper bushes, ancient olive trees. Turn your eyes towards the sky and you might see seagulls and cormorants, herons, flamingos and mallards. Look ahead and, with a bit of luck, you might happen to spot a fox, a badger or a cute hedgehog running through the Mediterranean scrub.

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