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We will surprise you every night

Masseria Fontanelle is not easily forgotten. Not just for the breathtaking nature in which it is immersed, but also for the many proposed initiatives. Don’t expect the customary holiday-village style evenings. In Masseria we try to organise all our events with authenticity and originality.

For those who love cooking and tasting, there are cooking lessons with an authentic massaia (those who in the Apulian tradition would take care of the family) ready to share the secrets of her cuisine with heart and passion. Learn how to make orecchiette and fricelli according to her family’s recipes, handed down from generation to generation. Watch our talented cheesemaker make mozzarella right before your eyes, for you to see, but most importantly, for you to taste!

Wine lovers can enjoy wine tastings dedicated to the best and and most promising local wineries.

Our Pizzica evenings are irresistible: within minutes you will be captured by our famous local folk dance, maybe try a few steps, and become a true Salentino for a night. And the traditional arts and craftsmanship market is a wonderful opportunity to learn hands-on about our people’s heritage.

Movie night? Best seat in the house!

There is no better setup for watching a movie than under a sky full of stars! Imagine yourself lying on a comfortable lounger, with popcorn, drinks and a fresh summer-night breeze, while the best Mediterranean films scroll on the screen.

Every evening becomes an unforgettable memory, to cherish with delight when you return home.

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